WASFF Awards

Western Australian Achievement 'Tin Duck' Awards

The Western Australian Achievement Awards, known as the 'Tin Ducks', are presented by WASFF on an annual basis at Swancon.

Nominations are called for prior to the convention, and a committee of community members is appointed to administer the awards process. Nominees must reside in Western Australia, and nominated works must have been published in the previous calendar year and additionally cannot be voted on more than once.

Voting closes during Swancon, where the awards will be presented, and voting is open to all financial members of the Swancon of the present year.

Marge Hughes 'Mumfan' Award

On occasion, WASFF may present the Marge Hughes 'Mumfan' Award.

"The recipient of the Marge Hughes award should have given sustained support to fandom over a significant period of time without having received previous recognition for their contributions in this area".

Recipients of the Mumfan award include....

The WASFF Board is open to suggested nominations for the Marge Hughes award, and will consider all nominations made. The final decision resides with the WASFF Board, and they are not bound to present this award annually.

Silver Swan Award

Details regarding this award will be provided shortly.