WASFF History

WASFF originally formed in 1993. Its birth was the result of concerns regarding the handover of funds from previous Swancons (Swancon 14 - a NatCon - had left a substantial surplus) in a responsible and legal manner. There had also been concerns regarding the possibility of conventions running at a loss and in the case of Swancon 11, Grant Stone literally passing around the hat for donations to pay bills he personally was being pursued for as none of the creditors could contact the convenor/chair who had relocated to the Eastern States.

The initial committee: Greg Turkich (Chair), Ian Nichols (Vice-Chair), Tara Smith (Treasurer), Mark Bivens (Secretary/Administrator). Greg Turkich and Tara Smith were probably the most prominent of those calling for the formation of a body that could hold these funds on an ongoing basis.

WASFF's history since the initial formation has been an evolution from a fairly simple idea of a body that could act as the handover link for funds between one Swancon and the next. From this beginning a series of developments led to WASFF managing the bidding process for Swancons and voting for awards. These functions came from a perception of being even-handed and independent, as well as having a high level of continuity.

The membership of the WASFF board has been elected annually and has increased over the years with the addition of convention chairs becoming ex-officio members of the board as well as representatives form other cons/events as members or observers. There have been up to the present three Chairs: Greg Turkich, Luigi Cantoni and Rohan Wallace.